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What Makes a Truly Good Romance Novel?

Is there a magic formula for the romance novel? What are the attributes shared by the best romance books? How do authors strike the delicate balance between enchanting and erotic in all our favorite romance reads?

If there were some mystical formula behind the world’s best romance novels, the likelihood of us all becoming bestselling romance novelists would be phenomenal – we’d all be doing it! Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ formula for romance writing success. However, there are some powerful aspects of the romance novel that we, as readers, delight in.


Sounds pretty cliché considering we’re discussing romance reads, but we want to be as swept off our feet by romantic gestures as the characters in every good romance novel! Everyday life can be decidedly unromantic, so the opportunity to revel in romance through the pages of a beautifully written book is one we simply can’t resist. One of the most romantic novels released this decade has to be Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. While it isn’t your conventional ‘boy meets girl’ tale, it is undeniably romantic.


Beyond romance, there has to be a deep, palpable connection between characters for us to be drawn into their stories. We live in such a bustling world that it can be challenging to remove all preoccupation with life’s stressors, to immerse ourselves in feelings of passion and love. Whether you’re in love, have been in love, or long to find love, the love you’ll find in a superbly written romance novel will sustain you until you can enjoy the wonders of falling in love, and being in love, for yourself. If you’re searching for that ethereal experience of love through another’s eyes, Alex and Eliza by Melissa De La Cruz is recommended.


No romantic story is complete without an emotive journey. We read romance novels to escape the stresses and pressures of everyday life. That longing to be taken along pathways of passion entwined with adventure and intrigue has to be fulfilled for a romance book to entice us to turn the page. Only the most talented writers are capable of taking us on such a rollercoaster trip of emotions, such as author Brittany C. Cherry in her book Loving Mr. Daniels.


Every fantastic literary romp needs some steamy scenes to satisfy our need for electricity. We don’t want to read tall tales filled with flat characters whose connections are tentative at best – for good romance books to truly captivate us, we need story lines that get our hearts racing and let our imaginations run wild. Although it is easier to write cringe worthy, poor quality passion into novels than effective erotica, an author who masters the art of seduction is Sylvia Day, in her novel Bared to You.

So, what makes an incredibly good romance novel? Brilliant writing incorporating all of the above.


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