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The Top 5 Must Read Indie Paranormal Romance Books

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Discovering the next great #read can be a thrilling but time-consuming process. As a reader, we want to immerse ourselves in the worlds and thoughts of the characters that we’ve come to love. #Indie #authors have written some of the most captivating #paranormal #romance books available, with the added bonus of being able to read them anywhere your tablet or phone is available.

Here are my picks for the top indie #PNR’s on the market.

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Fated Mates: True Mates Book 1 by Alicia Montgomery

This book will take you on an adventure through the Lycan clans living among us. As the newest member, Alynnaa Chase will find herself thrust right in the middle of this unknown world where danger lurks. With a sexy no-nonsense bodyguard Alex Westbrooke at her side, Alynna must learn to live and #love.

Kitty Cat: Age of Night Book 1 by

Kitty Cat packs quite a punch as it follows the world of Aisling, a #shifter who has been living away from her community to escape the continuous conflict. That is until trouble shows up on her doorstep by the name of Raygan, who moved his pack into her territory. Now, Raygan wants to find out what secrets she’s hiding.

Alpha’s Blood: A Vampire Shifter Romance (Midnight Doms) by Ray Rose and Lee Savino

Alpha’s Blood is the perfect #enemiestolovers story that will have you gripping the edge of your seat. A woman wolf shifter, whose sole purpose is to bring down the Vampire King in her pursuit of revenge, finds him more enthralling than she could imagine. Though he knows what she is and her mission, the #Vampire King cannot hold back his want of her.

Dead Night: The Thorne Hill Series Book 1 by Emily Goodwin

For all of the vampire and #witch lovers, Dead of Night is the first in the Thorne Hill Series. As witches start turning up dead and all the signs point to Lucas King, Callie knows that it is never a good idea to trust a vampire, much less to fall in love with one.

Red Night: Vampire Files Trilogy Book 1

Five years after a tragic accident that took away her only family, Samantha Chase, a PI, is still working on putting her life back together. After receiving help from a family friend, she has her own business, owns a condo, and a crush on a cute professor. Her world turns upside down once again when she unwittingly takes pictures of a vampire out for vengeance. Curious, he follows her home, which, in turn, throws her into a world of danger from his vampire nemesis.

If you are looking for a great PNR book to read, stop what you’re doing, no need to keep looking, just pick up one of these best-sellers. With some of the best reviews and plots out there, they promise to entertain you and leave you wanting more.


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