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Top Four Horror Books To Start Your October

If you're like me, this time of year excites you. It’s October, the month of screams and giggles. While many of us will not spend this month like we usually do because some of us are still quarantining, that still does not mean you cannot find a way to have fun and enjoy this month.

From vampires to clowns, Freddy Krueger to Jason, and from Candyman to Hellraiser, most of us have our all-time favorite go-to movies to watch, but what about books to read? If you're looking for some knee-knocking, teeth quivering books to read, check out our list of some of the best horror stories. Prepare to be spooked.

My Soul to Keep (African Immortals series Book 1)

By: Tananarive Due

An eerie epic [...] favorable comparison to Interview with the Vampire” is what Stephen King had to say about this book.

Imagine meeting the person you pictured you’d spend the rest of your life with. I’m sure you could imagine life being blissful. That's what Jessica was feeling when she met, married, and had a daughter with David. He was charming, attentive, family-oriented, and everything she desired, but she began to see there was something off about him, something she just could not put her finger on, but right when mysterious and violent deaths of people who were close to her began to occur, David’s confessions leaves chills running down her spine. Over 400 years ago, David made a deal to trade his humanity to become immortal, and now his immortal brethren wanted him to return. Instead of going back, David decides to use the same forbidden ritual on Jessica and their daughter, so they can stay with him forever.

Jessica is left with the risk of her life being robbed by immortals or her soul being robbed by her love, David.

The Girl in the Woods: A Ghost's Story

By: Michael Robertson

Most of us would stop to help a little girl if we saw her wandering through the woods, right? I mean, it’s the right thing to do. Well, that’s what Andy thought when he saw a little girl in the woods. He never thought that by chance it would kill him. Amazon users have said this book left them in tears, on the edge of their seats, and going through so many emotions that have left them wanting more. If you are into ghost stories, this is a short tale you will enjoy.

Will Williams (Disorder collection)

By: Namwali Serpell

If you are a fan of Edgar Allen Poe’s William Wilson, you will enjoy this modern retelling by Namwali Serpell. This short story is part of Amazon’s Original Stories series, “Disorder Collection,” and it follows a young man who is experiencing paranoia. He is being followed and terrorized by a doppelgänger who is determined to sabotage his life since high school. This look-alike has the same tattoos, built, and name as Will. This doppelgänger started off getting Will into trouble by committing petty crimes, but now things are starting to escalate in this chilling tale. Will Will be able to overpower his doppelgänger or will his look-alike only terrorize him further? Click the link if you dare to find out.

The Unwanted (Black Water Tales Book 2)

By: JeanNicole Rivers

Remember being afraid of going in the basement as a child? Well, you definitely wouldn’t want to go into the basement of St. Sebastian, an orphanage located in the remote eastern European town of Borslav. Blaire Baker, an American girl, thought this would be the perfect place to volunteer to work with children. She is paired with a chipper nurse who shares her sentiments, but she becomes quickly discouraged once she discovers the treacherous behavior of the staff and the heinous conditions the children are kept in, and to make matters worse, one of the children informs Blaire there’s something evil in the basement. Soon after strange things began to occur, and she must now investigate to help the children, but she soon finds out she is the one who actually needs help. Join Blaire as she searches for the truth behind St. Sebastian. What she discovers is the vilest and fiendish discovery yet.

Don’t see your favorite horror story on our list? Comment your favorites below so we can check them out, and be sure to let us know which of our top horror stories you're going to read!


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