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Top 5 Pet Training Books

We love our pets; they are family. So, naturally, we want them to live their best life. Unfortunately, we cannot explain to them the reasons we expect them to behave a certain way – which is perhaps the very reason they act out sometimes, to show us how they’re feeling (or just to be naughty because they think it’s fun!). Whatever their reasons for chewing shoes, barking incessantly, or relieving themselves in the bathtub, here’s our choice of the top 5 pet training books available right now…

The Secret Language of Dogs

by Victoria Stilwell

If you’ve ever watched the popular TV series It’s Me or the Dog, you’ll be familiar with canine behavior expert Victoria Stilwell. This book offers a no-nonsense approach to understanding your dog, as well as training them effectively with confidence and positivity. Whether you’re an expectant, new, or experienced dog parent, this book is for you!

Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy

by Steve Mann

Having spent over thirty years as a canine behaviorist, Steve Mann uses his extensive experience to guide both aspiring and seasoned dog owners through the training and development of their canine companion(s). Offering invaluable advice based on ethical and scientific foundations, this book is a must-have for all dog owners.

Catify to Satisfy

by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin

For fans of hit TV series My Cat from Hell, the name Jackson Galaxy will be instantly recognizable. When we think about pet training, we immediately consider dogs – however, if you’ve ever been owned by a cat, you’ll have first-hand experience of the challenges cat ownership can pose. Not only does this book give fascinating insights into feline behavior, it also provides practical solutions for keeping your indoor cat content.

The Everything Pet Rabbit Handbook

by Sarah Martin

This book is brilliant for anyone wanting to learn more about caring for and training a pet rabbit. Not only is it informative, but the book offers helpful checklists to ensure your pet rabbit has absolutely everything they need to live their best life. Sarah Martin explores various aspects of rabbit behavior, along with how to train your rabbit to use the litter tray, stop biting, stay calm during vet visits, and more!

Hamsters: The Essential Guide to Ownership, Care, & Training For Your Pet

by Kate H. Pellham

We can’t forget about one of the world’s most common species of pet, the hamster! It can be easy to take hamster care for granted, but this book provides some interesting information about your hamster – including a small section on training them to do tricks. Although this book is suitable for readers of all ages, we recommend it as a fantastic gift for children.

There’s an excellent array of pet training books available covering many species from equines, to reptiles, and even fish. So, whichever species you choose as part of your family, there’s a book out there about training them!

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