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Top 5 Indie Romance Books You Can't Put Down

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

There’s no escapism quite like delving into a sumptuous indie romance - so, for good books to #read, look no further! (Click the cover to add the book to your reading collection).

Sterling by Dannika Dark

Sterling is the first book in the Mageri Series by prolific author Dannika Dark. Set in the magical realm of Mageri, this novel introduces protagonist Zoë Merrick, who is brutally attacked. She’s saved by ex-soldier Adam Razor, though nothing’s as it seems. Zoë is subject to changes she can’t control, for which she seeks guidance. Completely by chance, Zoë meets Justus De Gradi, whose non-human arrogance draws her in. She has a choice to make between loyalty and freedom. Sterling is no #YA story, though – it’s suited to an #adult-only audience, as it is raunchy!

Artful Lies by Jodi Ellen Malpas

If you’re into powerful female protagonists and alpha male leads, this is the book for you! From bestselling author Jodi Ellen Malpas (known affectionately by her readers as ‘JEM’), Artful Lies has it all – suspense, intrigue, plot twists, and desire. The storyline follows Eleanor Cole as she develops a dangerous connection with notorious antique dealer Becker Hunt. Eleanor and Becker share electrified chemistry that is so intense it’ll have you reaching for the fan…

Unrequited by Julia Wolf

First-person narrative drives the story-line of Unrequited as it follows commanding female lead Maeve. Written by beloved indie author Julia Wolf, this story speaks to readers who love anything to do with rock music and romance. Maeve is a talented drummer whose career lands into the hands of her bassist ex, Santiago Garza. Aside from the heavy metal setting, the most striking aspect of this steamy romance is the fact Maeve is a strong character who identifies as ‘curvy’ – offering a refreshing contrast to the standard leading lady format.

Rebel (Women Who Dare) by Beverly Jenkins

Beverly Jenkins is a well-known name in the realms of romance – she writes empowering historical fiction. This is the first book in Beverly’s new series following Valinda Lacy in the aftermath of the American Civil War. This novel guarantees a compelling read, as Valinda rebels against societal expectations in pursuit of freedom. The relationship she stumbles upon with architect Captain Drake LeVeq leads Valinda on an unexpected journey of daring emancipation.

The Soul Mate: Volume 4 by Kendall Ryan

Just like eating a heavy meal, after reading super intense indie romance, sometimes you need a little palate cleanser. This #book is exactly that! While Kendall Ryan initially found fame through traditional publishing, her launch onto the indie scene proved unimaginably successful. The protagonist of this story, Bren, ends up pregnant after a passionate one-night stand. She never thought she’d see the guy again, but boy was she was wrong. This stand-alone novel is just the right mix of hilarity and awkwardness, with a sexy OB-GYN thrown in for good measure.

With so many on the market, it can be difficult to discover the best indie #romance #books – hope you enjoyed this ‘Top 5’ list!


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