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Top 5 Best Fantasy Books of All Time


Meggie’s father has the power to bring stories to life, literally. One night, story time turns into an adventure when he accidentally sets a villain loose in their world. Meggie must learn to harness the same magic that endangered her if she wants to save the day. Between the unique magic, Meggie’s vivid characterization, and the whimsy of the story, it is a gripping and unforgettable tale.

Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

When four siblings step through a wardrobe, they enter a magical land called Narnia where they face a kingdom taken over by a ruthless witch that has enslaved the people living there. This story has resonated with so many for good reason. There’s magic, betrayal, and excitement. Leaving this story is like stepping through the wardrobe: you immediately want to come back to its pages.

Lunar Chronicles

Set in New Beijing, this story follows Cinder, a cyborg, as a plague overtakes the land. She meets prince Kai, who comes asking for assistance with a robot, and that meeting spirals her into an interesting series of events that puts her in danger and causes her to go searching for answers to the secrets of her past.

One thing that made this series stand out is that this fantastical world tackles prejudice through the experiences of the cyborgs. Cinder faces some rather harsh treatment because she’s a cyborg herself. The series a powerful message about the mistreatment of those different from us.


Katsa, a girl Graced with killing, is forced to become a thug for hire. After encountering Po, she goes on an adventure and uncovers the true nature of her Grace. The Graces and the massive fantasy realm that the story takes place in made this story vivid and enticing. After reading it, you’ll wish you had a Grace of your own. This book got its spot for the way it treats ordinary skills and talents as a type of magic and for the witty and strong characters within its pages.

Sweep series

After Morgan discovers her mother’s Wiccan tools, her life takes an unexpected turn. Her boyfriend’s brother is stalking her, and her boyfriend Cal is hiding a dark secret. She faces a great evil, learns to control her magic, and discovers some unsettling truths about her family’s history. This story made the top five because of the slow burn romance, the fast pacing, and the intricate way that the magic of the world unfurls. Additionally, it’s rare that you get to see Wiccan magic being front and center in a series.

Picking just five books was difficult especially as someone who loves all forms of fantasy. What would make your list of all-time best fantasy books?


Julia Goldhirsh was born and raised in Coconut Creek, Florida. She spent one year working in Japan as an ESL teacher and loves traveling and teaching. She has been writing ever since she was in elementary school, and her favorite stories to read and write are fantasy and dystopian books. She won a short fiction award in high school from the Broward County Lit fair for her short story "Night Sprite."

She started out writing on writers cafe and all poetry. She has written everything from book recommendations to dental implants for various clients from Upwork. She started blogging for herself about two years ago. Her blog on hubpages and City-cost cover a range of topics, but they primarily focus on education and Japan travel. You can also view one of her articles with Young Adult fantasy recommendations here.

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