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Top 3 Spooky Books for this Halloween

So, Halloween is fast approaching. Time to nestle in your armchair on a quiet, cool evening with pillows and a throw, warm cocoa in hand, and settle into a great read that will leave you breathless and sleeping with the lights on. We have curated the top 3 books for this Halloween that are sure to put the wind in your creepiness sails.

The Haunting of Bechdel Mansion

By Roger Hayden, Book 1 of 17

The Bechdel Dynasty story began with poor Dutch immigrants who settled in Middle America in Indiana and created a name for themselves, to include tremendous wealth. But, one by one, each of the Bechdel clan dies a mysterious, tragic death. One fateful night, while celebrating a family engagement, a mass murder took place in the family mansion, where 15 dinner guests met their tragic ends. The Bechdel curse thus began and the Bechdel mansion became ever enshrouded in gloom and mystery.

The story begins with a young couple moving into the Bechdel Victorian mansion, their dream home, where they encounter paranormal activity tied to the mass murder. Will each terrifying haunting they experience ultimately lead to solving the mystery of the mass murder that occurred there years earlier? This is a page-turner sure to please. And if this one doesn't scare you out of your wits, there are 16 more by the same author sure to thrill you this Halloween.

The Forsaken

By J.D. Barker

A horror fiction writer pens his best work of horror fiction yet, but is it truly fiction? Each page will ensnare you in a trap of suspense and mystery as the lines between fantasy and reality become blurred. This is the first book of critically acclaimed author J.D. Barker, whose accolades include descriptions of her writing as reminiscent of Stephen King and Deen Koontz, all wrapped into one. Don't turn out the lights!

The Tenth Ward

By Rockwell Scott

Randolph Casey works as a jaded university professor by day and moonlights as a demonologist, casting out demons, by night. While battling office politics, he takes on his most challenging assignment, a demon who not only haunts an unassuming terminally ill child but menaces other hospital ward patients, which leads to unmatched terror and a battle for Rand Casey's will. Join the demon slayer as he battles the forces of hell in this supernatural horror thriller that will have you reciting Hail Mary's before bed. Make sure to keep a light on when you read these, and definitely let us know what you think in the comments. Have a spooky and safe Halloween.


S. Dorothy Smith lives in Central Virginia and writes magazine articles and edits books. She is a member of the International Editors Association.

Dorothy writes regularly for DIYHome and Psychic-Junkie. When she’s not busy writing and editing, she is Keen.com Advisor New Dawn.

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