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Top 10 Animal-Themed Reads

Do you love animals and reading in equal measure? Then this is the perfect reading list for you!

Black Beauty

by Anna Sewell

Perhaps one of the most beloved equestrian stories of all time, the positive impact Black Beauty had on animal welfare is what earns its place at the top of this list.

Marley and Me

by Josh Grogan

This moving story beautifully captures the life of Labrador Marley and his family – it’ll have you in stitches of laughter one minute, then sobbing uncontrollably the next. Marley and Me has also been adapted into a heart-warming film starring Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson.

Discover (The Frosted Realm Series Book 1)

by Stephanie Kline

Despite being titled a YA read, this series is perfect for anyone who loves fantasy. Along with a colorful cast of characters and fantastical story lines, this series includes a cute squirrel-like creature named Chuck, who definitely deserves a series of his own!

A Street Cat Named Bob

by James Bowen

An inspiring true story brought to you by James Bowen through A Street Cat Named Bob. After nursing Bob back to health, James and Bob find themselves embarking on dangerous adventures together. You don’t have to love cats to fall for this bestselling tale of survival through friendship.

War Horse

by Michael Morpurgo

If ever there was a definitive recollection of equine bravery, War Horse is it. Following Joey’s journey through the First World War, Michael Morpurgo’s remarkable novel is breathtakingly captivating.

The Incredible Journey

by Shelia Burnford

The journey endured by three courageous pets to find their family continues to be incredibly popular with young readers the world over. Adapted into a beloved feature film, The Incredible Journey is a delightful read for children and adults alike.

It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet

by James Herriot

James Herriot’s memoirs have inspired veterinary careers since the 1930s. If you love animals, you’ll relish the hilarity of James Herriot’s misadventures as he treats many characterful patients in the glorious Yorkshire countryside.

A Dog’s Purpose

by W. Bruce Cameron

This book illustrates the roller coaster journey of a dog’s purpose through several of the lives he leads. Insightful, funny, and joyous, A Dog’s Purpose is a terrific animal-themed read.


by D.E. Kendall

My debut novel Larry was inspired by a special pony my family rescued when I was a child – Larry’s story is as emotive as it is uplifting.

Animal's Guide to the Human Race

by D.E. Kendall

Another of my books, Animals’ Guide is a comical selection of case studies by animals observing humans. I wrote this book to inspire more people to read, as well as to improve mental health – it’ll have you laughing ‘til your sides hurt!

We hope you enjoy reading the books on this list as much as we enjoyed reading (and writing) them.


D.E. Kendall

Author, Ghostwriter, Proofreader.

D.E. Kendall loves all things literary! She has been writing since she could hold

a pen and enjoys sharing stories, whether her own or others’. When she isn’t

reading or writing, D.E. Kendall can be found drinking tea somewhere in the

wonderful Welsh countryside, spending quality time with her friends and family

– including her two beautiful horses and gorgeous dog. You can find out more

about D.E. Kendall by visiting her website: www.dekendall.com

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