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The Most Reviewed Self Help Books

Self-Help books come in all shapes and sizes and every possible topic. Finding the right self-help book for you may prove to be a challenge, but reviews are here to help in this effort.

Here are the top self-help books to assist you in making the decision.

Think and Grow Rich

The Landmark Bestseller Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century

(Think and Grow Rich Series)

New and improved, this self-help book has almost a five-star rating with more than twenty-two thousand reviewers. Written based on the premise of how to become a winner, it was initially published in 1937. The stories were based on the thinking of great men such as Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. The revamped version uses examples from more modern success stories such as Bill Gates and Sir John Templeton.

30 Days - Change your habits, Change your life

A couple of simple steps every day to create the life you want

A part of the best sellers list, this book will walk you through changing one habit at a time. If making changes in your life in one fell swoop is intimidating, this is the perfect read for you. Based on a combination of neuroscience and positive psychology reinforced with real-life examples, it walks you through the best exercises to make the changes you want to see in your life.

As a Man Thinketh

One of the best self-help books for men, it has been in publication since 1902. James Allen gives every man the perfect guide to being honorable and successful. Numerous reviews rave about the book as a way to strengthen your character and create the life that you want.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

Stephen R. Covey's self-help book remains a best seller for the past twenty-five years. His seven steps helped thousands of people achieve the changes they strived for, as described in the various raving reviews. This self-help book is based on the thought that skewed perceptions and assumptions are the hindrance to any success we may have in life. It is these assumptions the book helps you change as you work on your habits.

The 30-Day Productivity Plan

Break The 30 Bad Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Time Management - One Day At A Time!

(The 30-Day Productivity Boost Book 1)

For a boost of productivity, this self-help book is the one for you. If you find yourself losing your focus, your productivity has tanked and there are projects unfulfilled everywhere around you, this book will be your savior. Countless reviews rage about the time management skills this book could teach you, immensely improving your daily life.

Any of these top self-help books are your ticket to a better way of life. Thousands of reviewers collectively describe how these books changed their lives in one way or another. It is time to pick one up and find out for yourself.


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