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Post-Apocalyptic Best Sellers You Don’t Want To Miss

The post-apocalyptic genre has been a fan favorite for centuries. After a catastrophic world-wide event, the mere thought of life s something humans have been curious about for ages. So naturally, books written on the subject regularly become best sellers or garner plenty of interest.

The allure surrounding nature’s potential harm against humanity is widespread, and there’s certainly a lot of stories based on this enthralling concept. What would we do if our race was mostly wiped out? What would occur after such a destructive global event? Well, I suppose in imaginative literature, anything can happen.

With such a grand selection of post-apocalyptic books available, I’ve narrowed down my top five picks in this fascinating yet eerie category.

1. I Am Legend by Richard Mattheson

This bestseller takes the number one spot on my post-apocalyptic book list. You may have seen the film, but the book is much more interesting and actually quite different. Set in 1954, I Am Legend propagated the topic of a disease driven apocalypse. There’s also plenty of vampires and zombies, so you won’t get bored.

2. The Stand by Stephen King

The legend that is Mr. King does not disappoint with this fantasy-horror novel. This story is based on a rather relevant subject about an ultra contagious influenza that spurs a pandemic, which kills nearly all of the human race, leaving the remaining 1% of the population with some pivotal choices to make.

3. The Road by Cormac McCarthy

The Road includes McCarthy’s classic dialogue and genuine wit. It takes place over the course of several months. It portrays a genuine relationship between a Father and Son in desperate circumstances. The book follows the main characters on their journey through a desolate and hopeless America as they try and reach the coast. However, what remains at their final destination is scarily uncertain.

4. The Scarlet Plague by Jack London

An oldie, but a goodie you won’t want to put down. This classic apocalyptic tale brings us into a dangerous world 60 years after the great Red Death wiped out nearly all humanity. The survivors have created their own ruthless society, and old man James Howard Smith is the only one who can convey the horrific event and the marvels of a forgotten era.

5. Blindness by José Saramago

Blindness is nothing short of intense. Based on a curious and mystifying notion about the human spirit and utter tenacity under dire circumstances, this book is one that’ll make you think differently after you read it. It’s centered around a “white blindness” epidemic that affects a city. It imprisons the blind in a rather nightmare-like mental hospital.

The basis behind these captivating tales seems almost scarily possible in the world we’re heading towards or are already a part of, at least controversially. Though they’re obviously all fiction stories and are incredibly dramatized to keep us readers engaged, they also possess unique depictions of man kinds greatest worry, what happens after the world as we know it ends?


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