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A Post-Apocalyptic Series WE can't put down-Days of Want

Since earlier this year, the worldwide pandemic has utterly upset our sense of normal. Could this be why the post-apocalyptic world depicted in the 6-book series, Days of Want by T.L. Payne, has taken the Internet by storm? We just can't seem to put it down.


Book 1, Turbulent, follows Maddie as she finds herself at a Chicago airport during a nationwide power grid failure following an EMP and a cyber-attack. She and an orphaned young girl she finds along the way struggle to leave the city before chaos ensues.


Book 2, Hunted, finds Maddie moving from place to place in search of haven from government officials and the chaos that follows the EMP. In the face of life or death decisions, this pulse pounder has you rushing to turn each page.


Book 3, Turmoil, has Maddie facing danger from a new, unexpected source, and she learns just how evil and unjust people you're supposed to be able to trust can be. She must make heart-wrenching decisions with no time to reflect.


Book 4, Uprising, has society turned upside down with foes who don't back down and danger at every turn. One false move could spell disaster. This fourth book in the series does not let up on the suspenseful impact of Maddie and her group's heroic fight for survival.


Book 5, Upheaval, finds Maddie's group with dwindling resources and being forced to make pivotal decisions to face yet more danger in order to try to get more supplies, as they fight yet more formidable foes. Yet Maddie's will remains strong.


Book 6, Mayhem, the final book in this whirlwind series, has Maddie and her group trying to replenish their food supplies while yet another enemy comes to the forefront to test their will. But this time, it's not just Maddie and her crew who are threatened; it's the entire country whose future may be at stake.

We all have a bit of Maddie in us, that fighting spirit that just won't quit despite tremendous odds. Surely, the reason for this series' success is not just because it is supremely well written. Each of us can identify with Maddie. We all just want to fight to survive. And as Maddie and her crew struggle against tremendous odds, we can see a little bit of Maddie in each of us.


S. Dorothy Smith lives in Central Virginia and writes magazine articles and edits books. She is a member of the International Editors Association.

Dorothy writes regularly for DIYHome and Psychic-Junkie. When she’s not busy writing and editing, she is Keen.com Advisor New Dawn.

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