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Horses and Heroines - Books For Horse Lovers

Horses have been human companions for as long as history reveals to us, but often powerful women are accompanied by these powerful animals. Black Beauty is the most popular heroic horse standing along side a woman - what you may not know is this genre is still alive and well!

Midnight Sky - Jan Ruth

This book is known for its endearingly charismatic story coupled with beautiful descriptions of the animals themselves. It is also often praised for taking on touchy topics such as pregnancy, difficulties in marriage, and death. If you are looking for a touching read this one is certainly for you.

Bits of Me - Meghan Scott

Can Melanie make her dream come true of being a marketing director for an equine magazine or will a devilish suitor trapped in the heart of the Kentucky race life sweep her away? Already in the midst of fleeing a bad relationship - can she maintain herself while improving upon what they have together?

True Betrayals - Nora Roberts

Famous romance author Nora Roberts is at it again, expressing herself into the equine romance genre with a new heroine of her story - Kelsey Byden who is in the ruthless search for both her mother and the truth that lies behind her disappearance. The only answers she needs will be revealed on her mother’s Virginia Horse Farm.

The Sea Horse Trade - Sasscer Hill

Nikki gets herself involved with a man who may or may not be dealing drugs through cartel work straight into the US, and now she has been tasked at managing a colt that reflects his personality - what will she do to protect the American girls he may be smuggling? What will happen if she can’t manage the beast at hand? This Nikki Laterelle Mystery lays everything on the line.

Texas Rein - Becky Rodgers Boyette

When do you know when enough is enough? When you just want to keep the meaningful things close and enjoy the simple things in life - that’s all Cassie Roberts wanted but when her father called her home to Texas her heart is town in two. Will she help her father achieve his dream with his prized foal or will she choose her son and her social life over family?

All in all, never fear there’s always a good horse book near! There are thousands of other titles readily available online at the click of a button so check out these amazing authors who are reveling in the titles of equine romance or find your own. The sources really are endless and if this is the genre for you, you will never be disappointed!

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