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High Fantasy Bestsellers

Who doesn’t love a solid, stimulating fantasy story? Let’s not kid ourselves. There will always come a time when we crave a good, immersive epic fantasy story chock full of scuffles with gods, quests for vengeance, saving the world from greater evil, magic powers beyond your wildest imagination, and…dragons, of course. Here are our top picks for adrenaline-pumping high fantasy bestsellers.

Age of Myth: Book One of The Legends of the First Empire

By Michael J Sullivan

“Raithe the God Killer” is the new name our hero must adopt, in a world where the Fhrey, almighty beings, rule all. Who would have thought a ‘lowly’ human could best one of them? This changes everything. Now that humans know they have a glimmer of hope, Raithe will ignite a revolution together with Suri and Persephone that will change history. That is if the Fhrey doesn’t wipe them out with their magic first.

Golden Curse

By M. Lynn

Persinette Basile and Prince Alexandre’s fates intertwine when the race begins to see who will rule by his side. Unbeknownst to our prince, however, Perinette has a dark secret, darker than the magic that plagues this ascension to the throne and the dark tournament to choose his partner. For there is a curse struck upon her, bound by the chains of her bloodline, and she will stop at nothing to rid herself of it, even if she must betray her beloved.


By David Estes

I believe a great man once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility,” and that’s just what Roan Loren, a Fatemarked, would need to hear. Our hero has spent the better part of his life running away from his fate, but it sure has caught up to him now, as the power of his kind is the only thing standing in the way between survival and certain doom. The Fatemarked have been ostracized throughout history, but when kings begin to perish, and kingdoms face ruin, only their awesome power will be able to restore peace and order against a looming, dark threat. Strap yourselves in for this one folk, as this world of war, kingdoms, and magic will make the pages turn themselves. Oh yeah, and the dragons. Can’t forget the dragons.


By Madeline Miller

What’s more captivating than the story of an outcast goddess, you might ask? Well, the story of an outcast goddess with powerful witchcraft at her disposal, naturally. Born to the mighty Helios, and banished by Zeus for her dark practices and mingling with the mortals, Circe begins her journey, conquering savage beasts and meeting a wide variety of renowned mythological figures. She’d best not get too comfortable, though, for man and god alike make enemies with her on this roller coaster of love, rivalry, choices, and true strength.

King of Scars

By Leigh Bardugo

Nikolai, young prodigy and crowned leader of the Grisha Army, must venture to treacherous lands in search of ancient magic.Should he fail to eradicate the dark power within him, his entire kingdom is doomed to suffer the same fate. Need I say more?

Well, there you have it, folks. With this selection of high fantasy novels, you won’t even need your bookmarks.


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