Famous Books Written by Young Authors

Don’t count kids out just yet! Eragon is the most popular book ever written by a minor but there are plenty more young authors to celebrate! Check out this list to support bright new stars and find a new author you’ll love.


By Christopher Paolini

Dragon Valley

By Luke Herzog

Dragon Valley was written by Luke Herzog when he was just 11 years old, and it rakes in at an impressive 216 pages! If you love dragons and sci-fi, this is a perfect combination of the two; dragons manufactured in a lab are released upon an unsuspecting valley after their creator loses control of his creations. With a 4.5 star rating on GoodReads, this book is a home run!

How to Talk to Girls

By Alec Greven

Alec Greven was the master of communications in his school at only 9 years old! He noticed peers struggling to talk to the opposite sex and wrote a book with valuable suggestions such as being kind and friendly to help everyone get along more easily. The book took off, and now everyone can benefit from the simple suggestions Alex has to offer us.

Just Jake

By Jake Marcionette

Young authors often write for young readers, and Jake Marcionette did just that! He wrote a book that explained his struggle and complications moving from Florida to Maryland. New schools, new climate, new life! Anyone struggling with change could learn a thing or two from Jake, especially kids going through the same experience.

Becoming a child author is not as popular as it once was, such as in the time of Mary Shelley, who published her book,Frankenstein, at the age of 19, or Alexander Pope, who published his poem Ode to Solitude at the ripe old age of 12. But they still exist.

The internet has blossomed children’s imaginations, and tools such as writing tablets help translate text and drawings directly into additions for their stories. Whatever their literary goals may be, kids and young adults have all the power at their fingertips to become the next hit author. Make sure you support authors of all ages!


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