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Book Characters You’d Love To Have As A Best Friend

A good writer will make you feel a unique connection to the characters you’re reading about, so much so that you almost feel like you know them personally or would like to. I could list hundreds of novels that have made this kind of impact, though there are a few favorite book characters who I’ve actually thought would make excellent friends, that is if they existed in 3D.

Even as a child I remember my father reading to me before I fell asleep and growing a closeness to the storybook characters who had grown apart of my bedtime routine. As I grew a bit older my father and I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy together and often Tolkien’s well scripted words made me feel as though I was drifting off in to the magical world of middle-earth alongside my imaginary and mystical friends.

What makes up a friendship is a rather complex thought, though pure and great friendships often have certain traits or things we look for when connecting to another person. Be it kindness, a sense of adventure, similar interests or other likeable qualities, book characters can easily possess the same attributes that you would hope to find in a best friend.

Here are some of the inspiring or relatable book characters who I’d love to have as a real-life best friend:

1. Jo March, Little Women

Jo is the kind of friend who makes every small and mundane part of life fun. She proves herself as a trustworthy and relatable companion to her three sisters and neighbor Laurie. Together they all encounter the trials and tribulations of young adolescence and thanks to the leadership of Jo, each and every normal day is an enjoyable escapade.

2. Samwise Gamgee, Lord of the Rings

As mentioned above, I was a huge fan of this trilogy and Samwise was one of those characters who particularly stood out to me. No matter what the risk was, he was a valuable and loyal sidekick to Frodo as he embarked on a dangerous journey.

3. Winnie-The-Pooh

Ok this one may sound a bit strange to an adult, but Winnie-The-Pooh is not only a classic children’s book character, he is also a loveable, interesting and a thoughtful patriarch to the whole gang. Despite the fact that he is a little gullible or has a knack for falling into trouble, he’s one of those friends who you’d know genuinely cares and loves you for exactly who you are, like he’s demonstrated book after book to Christopher Robin and his forest friends.

4. Nick Carraway, The Great Gatsby

Nick may be a complex character, but throughout The Great Gatsby he is a loyal and dedicated friend to everybody. Though he assists in helping Gatsby and a married Daisy reunite, I don’t feel so bad for her husband Tom considering his own affair record. No matter what Gatsby’s outlandish plan was, Nick was there to help him and lean on. I won’t give away the end if you haven’t read it, but he probably ends up being the most honest and caring friend that Gatsby ever had.

5. Aibileen Clark, The Help

Helping to raise Skeeter into a genuine wonderful person was probably her best job. Aibileen made me laugh and cry all throughout The Help and if I needed someone to rely on no matter the circumstance, I’d look for a best friend very much like her.

A good friend is a great asset and to be honest, so is a well-written book. It’s interesting to think that all of these talented authors probably based a lot of their inspirational characters on friends of their own or people they have or had met throughout their lives.

Since we can’t physically turn a book character in a real life best friend, I hope you too encounter friendship that’s as wonderful and supportive as these ones.


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