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Best Sci-Fi Book Covers

I know we’re not supposed to judge books by their covers, but good covers definitely don’t hurt. Good book covers beget curiosity, which, coupled with an enticing title, beget a blossoming interest for the story readers are about to dive into. The best sci-fi books understand this well, and have that enticing power in spades. Let’s take a look at some of the best sci-fi book covers to begin your thrilling journeys.

The Atlantis Gene: A Thriller (The Origin Mystery, Book 1)

Right off the bat, “THE ATLANTIS GENE” in big bold letters, enclosed in a myriad starry night sky, with our heroes down below on a trek in a barren icelands to a far-off mysterious construction. If that doesn’t get your attention, darned if I know what will. Discover the secret to the origins of Man, as researchers find a hidden link between an unknown structure in Antarctica and a new treatment for mutations in the human genome.

starship Sakira

(Delphi in Space Book 1)

This next book cover really stimulates the mind with its contrasting colors, and preps you for this (dare I say) “stellar” story. Our hero, Marc McCormack, is determined to use a spacecraft he discovered to launch a plan which will finally turn planet Earth into an active player in the interstellar civilizations. But can he manage this before the ship’s extraterrestrial owners, as well as his own government, come knocking on his door?

Hell Divers

(Hell Divers Series, Book 1)

With a name like “Hell Divers”, and our heroes on the cover plunging into maelstrom oblivion, what else could possibly be needed to get you to pick this one up? In a post-apocalyptic setting brought upon by WWIII (let’s hope this part stays fiction at least), the remnants of humanity live on colossal airships, and the Hell Divers take one for the team by descending into the uninhabitable surface to scavenge for parts. Their mission is to keep the airships afloat and locate a stable area for the surviving humans. One day, however, they face more than just the usual mutated creatures on their descent…

The Stand

A dark cover with an endless road littered with corpses. Yes, a bit over the top, but no surprise considering the author. The King of Terror is back; readers wanted more, and they got more. After the author published one of his finest works, The Stand, in the 70s, a sort of “remastered” version is now the craze. Another post-end-of-the-world story (of course, it’s Stephen King) has the minuscule remainder of humanity choosing factions: Randall Flagg, the harbinger of evil in this story, harbors dark powers and seeks to worsen this nightmarish reality if our 108 year old hero doesn’t step up in opposition.

A cool looking book cover is indeed an excellent gateway into a thrilling sci-fi story. While it’s true you can’t let a bland one stop you from giving it a try, these enticing book covers are oftentimes an electrifying nudge in the right direction. So keep your eyes peeled for these covers next time you’re browsing!


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