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Best Rom Com Book Covers (and the books are awesome too)

While browsing the book shop either in store or online, there’s nothing like a charming or interesting book cover to grab your attention. Like the labels on wine bottles, we too fall victim to the appeal of an intriguing or colorfully designed novel. It’s the first thing we see when searching for our next read and an attractive picture or creative illustration suggests to us that a good story lies within. Sure, that’s not always the case, and sometimes a good cover can be deceiving, but it is generally a good indication that the book is worth buying.

In the rom com genre, I suppose it depends what draws you to this category in the first place, but there is no doubt a lot of cheesy covers out there. Rom com books often feature a perfect man and woman staring lovingly at each other while cuddling amidst a well lit back drop. For me, I’ve been drawn to rom com books that offer something a little more unique.

Here’s five rom com book covers that initially intrigued me to buy them and ended up being pretty amazing.


by Alice Clayton

If you’re feeling a little saucy or looking for some spice in your life, this is the kind of cover that’ll make you look twice. Something about the hot and heavy interaction with a well shaped man particularly appealed to me – guilty. As for the book itself, you won’t leave disappointed and it’ll keep you giggling throughout.

The Worst Best Man

by Mia Sosa

From first look this cover illuminated it’s humor element and I couldn’t wait to find out who this terrible best man was, and what he did to piss off such a seemingly perfect couple. Like I predicted, the book made me laugh hysterically and fall in love with love all over again.

Single in the City

by Michele Gorman

The colorful cover and name originally intrigued me with this one. For me, the selling point was that the image portrayed a girl looking somewhat lost and on the brink of some kind of new adventure. The drawing gives off a lot of character and I was eager to find out her story as a single girl. Once I read it, I found it relatable, warm and overall delightful.


by Patrick Ness

This cover speaks for itself. Not only is the cover incredibly creative, it also left me with an immediate interest in the story. With the character grasping at a railroad track and flipped up in a handstand, it gave off the impression he’s is a bit of a mess. Release ended up being stunning story about the courage it takes to live your true self and I’d highly recommend.

Jaya and Rasa: A Love Story

by Sonia Patel

Ah, the tenderness of love is what attracted me to pick this book up. The couple on the front look genuine and loving, and I was curious to understand their relationship and pull towards each other. The diversity and gripping character development proved this book to be a very worthwhile read.

Chances are, like me, you’ve selected many books to read based on their cover, and probably without realizing you were doing it. It’s a natural human instinct to do so and often the first point of interaction with the book. Next time you browse the store for a worthwhile read, maybe one of these alluring covers will stand out to you too.


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