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Best Fiction For A Fireplace Read

We’re getting close to the holidays, and if there’s something we all have right now, like it or not, it’s plenty of time to enjoy a good read. And if you're relaxing by the fireside, cozy in your favorite armchair, that’s the perfect time immerse yourself in one of Amazon's best sellers. I’ve mustered up some of the best holiday books to fit any literary taste!

Deacon King Kong

by James McBride

Set in the late 1960s, this novel is a masterpiece based in a housing project in South Brooklyn. The shambling old church deacon, Sportscoat, shoots the local drug dealer, who also happens to be a former member of the church baseball team.

The shooting triggers a chain of events that will keep any reader hooked for the entire 383 pages of the book. The events become a community affair involving the local Italian mobsters, corrupt police, and Sportscoat’s best friend, Hot Sausage.

Normal People

By Sally Rooney

Normal People is an exquisitely written romantic story following Connell and Marianne growing up in a small town in rural parts of Ireland. Other than hailing from the same hometown, the two are entirely different people seeming to live in rather different worlds.

They both earn a spot at Trinity College in Dublin, and as if by fate. This connection, developed between them as children, continues for years to come.


By Emma Donoghue

To five-year-old Jack, that room was all he knew. Together with his Ma, it was where he ate, played, learned, and finally laid to sleep each night by his Ma, in the wardrobe – where he is meant to be sound asleep by the time Old Nick came to visit.

But a whole other world was about to reveal itself.

Room is an exhilarating and utterly gripping tale depicting the unbreakable mother-son bond. Both are held captive for years in a small room. As the story progresses, the duo eventually gains freedom, with the boy experiencing the outside world for the first time in his entire life.

The Guest List

By Lucy Foley

The perfect wedding is every girl’s wish. After all, you don’t get to marry the same person twice. So when everything is meticulously well planned and timed just right, the last thing expected is something so wicked that it changes the perfect wedding into the perfect murder.

The location is Ireland, right on the coast. Guests are gathering, people are celebrating, and everyone awaits the beautiful couple. They mill around, enjoying the party, with no clue a serious turn is right ahead.

This book will keep you turning pages. First, there’s a torn gown, then a very uncomfortable toast to the bride. But that’s nothing compared to the dead body that’s about to crash the party.

For someone who enjoys reading, holidays are only marked complete when there’s a good book present. Whether it’s a thriller, romance, or the most classic of literature, we’re here to make sure you get the best holiday reads possible.


PETER K is a talented author and an experienced entertainment blogger who enjoys sharing fun-information about our most favorite books. Also a book lover, there's nothing he's more passionate about than writing honest reviews on the works of our adored Best Sellers.

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