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Awesome Ideas To Freshen Up Your Book Club...Even Virtually

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Does the ‘Rona still have you and your #bookclub down? Well, check out these awesome ideas to get your virtual #book club off the ground!

Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme for your book club is a great way to have fun with like-minded individuals. If you like #horror novels, science fiction, etc., you can create your book club around that specific #genre. If you are into horror novels, perhaps you can focus on a different sub-genre each month. For example, one month you can dedicate to reading scary books about vampires, and the following month can be scary books about serial killers. This is a sure way to keep your book club interesting.

Try These On For Size:

Cookbooks Are Books Too!

Don’t forget #cookbooks are books too, and if you love to cook and read, this is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. You and your group can select a cookbook to read and try making the recipes together! Of course, each member can do this from the comfort of their own homes while sharing this moment virtually. You can later sit down and have a meal together and discuss how the #recipe worked out for everyone! Awesome Cookbooks To Try (And Don’t Forget the Wine):

Act It Out

If you enjoy #acting, having a book club is a great opportunity to act out your favorite characters. You can even have a small costume party at the end of each book, but do not forget to practice social distancing! Depending on where you live, your state may only allow a certain amount of people who can gather together all at once. If the number of members in your #club is over the limit, perhaps you can have more than one host put together a party, or members can alternate between going to each event; you can also perform virtually.

Awesome Books For #CosPlay Book Parties:

From Book to Movie

If you enjoy reading books that are now #movies, this can be an excellent activity for your virtual book club. You can choose a book that has already been turned into a film or is going to theaters soon. Once you read the book together, you can then compare it to the movie and discuss what you liked and what you did not like. The great thing about this is you can all do it together from the comfort of your home. Watch it on your computer while sharing your screen using platforms like Zoom, or you can throw a watch party on Facebook!

Two Amazing Books Turned into Award Winning Movies:

Travel Ideas!

Do you love to #travel? You and your club can pick books based on places you would like to travel to. These books can, of course, be #fiction or #nonfiction. This is a great opportunity to get your imagination working. Until it is entirely safe to travel, you and your group can plan to go there while imagining it through a book.

Maybe it will be real places…but maybe not.

I know the world is changing, and we are not able to gather how we would like to but do not allow that to stop you from finding creative ways to enjoy the things you love doing. Starting a virtual book club is a great alternative to meeting in person. I hope you enjoy these tips!


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