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Awesome YA Fantasy To Fill These Long Days

Are you looking for the best young adult books to read? Then stop what you are doing and check out our top five best young adult fantasy treasures below!

Vampire Kingdom 1: The Trade

After experiencing the tragic loss of her mother and sister, Victoria Edwards is beginning to think she is losing more than just her loved ones when she sees a handsome young man floating outside her window. She worries she may be losing her sanity, and things become even more interesting when she receives a note instructing her to go to a nearby pond at midnight. Upon arrival, she instantly transitions into the year 3130 where she is trapped in the Vampire Kingdom. She learns the handsome young man from outside her window, Dominic, is the prince of the kingdom. Tori is forced to enter into “The Trade” where she awaits to be traded as a sacrifice to the royals. Will Tori be traded or will she find her way out of this kingdom? Find out in part one of Leigh Walker’s Vampire Kingdom series.

The Faerie Guardian (Creepy Hollow Book 1)

You only have one job as a faerie guardian and that is to protect all humans from magical creatures. Seventeen-year-old Violet Fairdale has been doing a great job of doing just that until a handsome young man, Nate, somehow follows her into the realm of the fae, and by doing so Violet has now broken Guild law. She must safely return Nate to his realm or risk not graduating at the top with her class. The only problem with getting Nate back is that he is in more danger than she realizes. Evil faeries and other inconveniences make Nate’s safe return a difficult challenge.

Perfekt Order (The Ære Saga Book 1)

If you’re a fan of Urban Fantasy and Thor, check out S.T. Bende’s book Perfekt Order. It is book one of her four-book series The Ære Saga. Seventeen-year-old Mia Ahlström lives a structured and disciplined life that has gotten her into Redwood State University. She has a five-year plan that includes finding a guy to live happily ever after with, so when she meets Tyr Fredriksen, she begins to think he could be the one, but what Mia does not know is she is falling for the Norse God of War. Will falling for Tyr be her biggest downfall or her best adventure yet? Find out in book one of this series.

Dawn of Dreams (Destiny Book 1)

It is the year 2073 and two strangers, Jaden and Kayla, happen to cross each other’s paths in a park. As a friendship begins, they realize they have much more in common as they discover their families have been hiding a secret, and they both share the same magical ability. They can see a horrific creature that no one else can see. Intrigued by their peculiar connection and committed to unveiling the truth, both Jaden and Kayla go off on an adventure to uncover the mysteries their families have been covering in this paranormal fantasy.

Only the Valiant (The Way of Steel—Book 2)

Only the Valiant is book two of Morgan Rice’s The Way of Steel series. This series is filled with strong characters, betrayals, unforeseen friendships, and action. Royce, who is 17, is on a quest to rescue his brothers, so they can all escape from their life for good. Meanwhile, Genevieve uncovers an unexpected secret that will affect her life. She must now choose to either risk her life or not to save Royce, even though he is under the impression she betrayed him. If you have not read the first book to this phenomenal series, I encourage you to do so. You won’t be disappointed.

So there you have it, our top five YA books to read. Comment below which one you’re going to read first!

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