Jailbird: An Erotic BDSM Novel (The House of Taboo Book 3)
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The House of Taboo is not just Cuntress Alexa and Master Milton's financial livelihood, but their dirty den of Angels waiting to seduce as well. 

The Cuntress has everything a girl could want, but Master Milton knows nothing is ever good enough for the woman he loves.

There's always more to be obtained.

Master Milton has an idea that could protect the house and keep the Leader of the Angels, Alexa so elevated her feet will never touch the ground.

And the House of Taboo out of the big house…

Deputy Carter and his friend, a correctional officer at the local prison know the inmates are more than pent up. They're ready to explode.

And if its not with a woman, they know all too well it'll end in bloodshed.

An unholy alliance between the House of Taboo and the local law may just keep everyone satisfied and off the radar.

As the Angels prepare to hear the slamming of the iron bars, Deputy Carter and Officer McCarthy prep the inmates for a little treat.

It's a business deal for the prisoners, and that's it.

But the Angel's seductive ways is a temptation even to the law.

Can the Deputy and friend keep their hands to themselves?

Or will the temptation of the House of Taboo prove to push them behind the bars as well?

Naughty boys do need to be punished, and these boys may be as bad as the inmates.