Between the Stacks

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Her professor had a reputation.
He was demanding. Controlling. A perfectionist.
And she was about to learn a tough lesson…

“Sit still.”
Blair froze and slowly uncrossed her legs, setting her foot on the floor and tucking it behind her ankle. “I’m sorry, Dr. Baker.”
She shifted her weight and tucked her skirt, sneaking a glance at the professor. She itched to bounce her knee again. Maybe he’d raise his voice this time.
Just those two words made her clench her thighs together. Sometimes she could get him to yell. Hit his desk. Glare at her as if the only things stopping him from grabbing her throat and pinning her to the wall was the piece of particle board between them and his tenure.

She was always challenging him. Testing him. And he couldn’t do a single thing about it. It made him ache. He fought to keep his face neutral, professional, communicate with his words, his mouth, when what he wanted was to deliver his message with absolutely any other part of his body.
Even now she rocked in her chair, raking her teeth against her bottom lip. She was a bundle of energy, and he knew exactly what she wanted to do with it. What he wanted to do with it. They just had to make it through the end of the semester...

You will love this quick, steamy read with a fierce alpha, an outspoken heroine, a little pain, and a lot of lip.

This book is a standalone story in the Deep Desires collection.