Alexa's Angels: An Erotic BDSM Novel (The House of Taboo Book 1)
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In the House of Taboo, Cuntress Alexa leads by example with her husband, Master Milton.

Their many submissive angels lay their talents at the altar of the house.

From among their pliable plenty, two girls stand apart.

Clarissa and Harlow prove themselves as exceptional prodigies, but there exists one glaring difference between them:


Clarissa enjoys the pure pleasure of a man beholding her body.

While Harlow slowly learns affirmation from her bold domination.

From the many shadows of her Manor, Cuntress Alexa watches with wet lips.

Unseen, she takes her own pleasure at the way their beauties blossom.

When the mood strikes, merely watching just isn’t enough.

For the acclaims surrounding Alexa's Angels, many men find pleasure.

They are willing.

They are wanting.

They will pay handsomely for the privilege to partake.

Amancio Xellon is one of them.

He is ready to pry-free his own particulars of passion within the House.

He brings with him two young bankers, a rendezvous that represents only the tip of things to come.

The rumors surrounding Alexa's Angels are all true.

For within the House of Taboo, there rests no better place to explore, satiate, and ask:

How far… is too far?

Is, ‘far enough,’ …far enough for you?