Taming Sally: The Bad Blue Curvy Romances Book 1
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She is the boss’s daughter and thinks that she’s above everyone.

Because of her, the woman who offered me comfort left.

Yet, she expects me to be thankful for what she did. Ah, that spoiled brat.

She should know not to mess with somebody like me –

somebody who could tame her into nothing but a pet.

But what if she was the true love I was meant to have?


Ryan Dawson’s lover got fired because of his boss’s daughter, Sally Gonzalo. Now, he’s trying to make her pay by forcing her to be his new lover. He would use the young woman’s secret to tame her into becoming his pet. But what would happen if he discovered that he wronged the very person who wished to protect and truly loves him?

Taming Sally is the first book of Bad Blue Curvy Romances, a series of stand-alone HEA romances between the blue-collar workers and the beautiful feisty but curvy women of Hood River.