Cocky Cowboy: A Contemporary Western Romance
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They say the line between love and hate is paper thin…

Moving to Plainfield, Colorado was supposed to be my do-over, but a series of mishaps has my new life looking like one giant mistake.

Even worse is Jasper Prince—the cocky cowboy, and son of my new boss, who seems to have it in for me.
If this six-two, arrogant stud thinks he can scare me out of town, he’s got another thing coming. Because I’m the kind of girl who fights for what she wants, and I want my fresh start. Even if that means dealing with Jasper’s overbearing personality every day.

It’s clear we can’t stand each other… so why then do I feel a fire burning deep in my belly with every glance we share?
And the more I try to ignore it, the more it seems that our hateful sparks are turning into a fiery desire that can’t be sated.
I need to nip this in the bud before we end up doing something bad….like having a drunken, totally hot, one night stand!

Don't wait!