Mr. Charming (Not) (Alphalicious Billionaires Boss)
Wednesday Feature 1.jpg
You know that dream you have about a Charming Prince sweeping you right off your feet with a kiss?
Well, that happened.
Except I'm the one who smacked that kiss right on Mr. Charming,
Without his permission.
Oh, and I also found out right after that he is actually my new boss.
And the world's most notorious playboy.

Way to go, Emily.
Time to get fired.
How much more worst can my life go at this point?
Oh, yes.
Maybe finding myself splashed on first page of all tabloids as the new Bosshole's playgirl.
But what probably takes the cake is ending up being blackmailed by the prick himself.

He needs me as his fake girlfriend... and he is counting in months, not days!
Because you know he needs time to get rid of his infamous A-Hole reputation for some reason.
Like that was ever going to be possible.

The sensible thing would be to keep away from him,
Not let his kisses mess with my head,
Keep my bloody hands to myself!
And oh yeah, maybe NOT fall in love with him.
Especially when I am hiding big stuff from him.

Ready for another fun sizzling addition to the Alphalicious Billionaires Bosshole Series?!
As always, we are team HEA!
And each book in this series is a standalone, so they can be read in any order.