Silver Back (Wild Ones Book 1)
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*SECOND CHANCE ROMANCE w/ A FIREMAN AND A SINGLE MOTHER (with a little Mountain Man thrown in*

Whenever someone was in trouble, William always stepped up when no one else had. After being abandoned by his father as a child and suffering through the loss of his mother on the same night as his college football state championship years ago, William learned quickly that everything ended eventually and stopped believing in making long-term plans.

For years, if he wasn't hiding away in his secluded cabin on the outskirts of town, Fireman William Silver surrounded himself with women who were only interested in having a good time. Whenever they wanted something more, that would be the last time they would hear from him.

When a local convenience store is robbed at gunpoint, Will finds himself in a precarious situation having to help Madison Grey, a single mother with retrograde amnesia after being used a hostage along with her toddler son, Cameron.

Will Fireman William Silver give in to his fears of abandonment or will he learn to hold onto things and people even if they're temporary?

AUTHOR NOTE: This is a Second Chance Romance between a Fireman and a Single Mother with a little mountain man action thrown in. This book is for 18+ years of age due to the adult themes and language.