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Legal Aid Italian Style: Six Degree Connections Book IV

Six degrees of separation is the idea that all people on average, are six or fewer social connections away from each other. A friend of a friend, an uncle or an aunt, my cousin Vinnie, or a coworker may connect any two people in the world in a maximum of six steps.
The ending of each Six Degree Connections Series story leads from a person affected by the current story into the next story. We are all connected. Find out how.
Gianna Bianchi was raised by a single mother, but her father was a Prince…quite literally. And now that has discovered he has passed away she aims to get what she and her mother are owed. Knowing very little about the Prince and his family, Gianna hires the only attorney she can afford, which is basically nothing, and they form a team to try to figure out how to sue the estate for her inheritance. But do they even know what they are doing?
Anthony Marino is the gorgeous corporate lawyer that Gianna manages to convince to take her case. He and his law partner run a very meager law firm that deals solely in corporate law – not estates. But he cannot say no to this Italian goddess who has appeared in his office challenging his skills.
Gianna is not looking for a relationship, just money, and a way to help her ailing mother who had an affair with a Prince those long years ago. And she wants to start her own restaurant. Will lust, love and romance put a kink into this legal situation?
Anthony is not looking for a relationship either – he’s a lawyer, no time for love. But when Gianna walks into his office, he is smitten and will anything he can to get to see her again. Including taking on a case he is not sure he can win.
Tracey Carlton is the overly plump legal intern who works at the firm. She has come to Italy from America to finish her internship and learn how to speak Italian. She is dedicated, smart, creative, great a research and funny, but her weight really holds her back. She is learning a lot more than law during her time in Italy but will soon need to return to Chicago and her dull humdrum life.