Sway (Sweet Sin Spy, Book 2)
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❤️ Developing feelings for others has consequences, especially when you’re a spy.


Autumn is professional.

Yet sometimes her emotions get the best of her.

The last and only time she gave her trust, she was left empty, her heart broken beyond repair.

Her current mission is to expose Vincent Michaels for his illegal activities. Instead, she finds herself intrigued by the charming CEO.

Not only that, a blast from the past is destroying the rest of her equilibrium.

The hurt part of Autumn wants revenge, but another part of her seeks something much more dangerous.

Will Autumn come to terms with the past, or will her feelings overwhelm her like a tsunami?


This is book 2 of 5 in the series.

As always with a Leah book, you get spicy heat and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Warning: there's a minor but delicious cliffhanger that sets up the next book. You'll get your HEA in Book 5, but be ready for more exciting scenes to come! Enjoy!