Before Twelve: A Serendipity Series Prequel Duology (2 in 1 Box Set)
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***This is a 2-in-1 Box Set of the Serendipity Series Prequel Duology ***

Box Set includes all books in the series:

- Before Twelve: Jamie's Story (Part 1)
- Before Twelve: Sam's Story (Part 2)

Now's your chance to get both of the books in the Serendipity Series Prequel Duology!
**Keep in mind this is the prequel duology that takes place before the actual Serendipity Series. If you haven't picked up the three book series in addition to this 2 Book Prequel Duology, you are missing out.**




I've never been anyone's first choice,
last choice, or anything in between.
I'm also used to failing, being forgotten
and I was unapologetically clumsy.
All it took was spilled rum and pineapple juice,
twenty seconds of courage and
seeing Sam from across the room,
for me to realize I screwed up royally!


I've partied, traveled the world and
dated every hot woman imaginable.
Why wouldn't they date me?
I was the son of a legendary Rock God,
they all wanted their fifteen minutes of fame.
I just wanted to be left alone,
until I met that girl who spilled her drink all over me.
Who was she? I had to know.

AUTHOR NOTE:This 2 in 1 box set are the two Serendipity Series prequels and NOT the three book series. This prequel duology takes place two months before the actual series. Keep in mind this prequel duology ends in cliffhangers and are only meant to serve has background explanation for the series. Must be over 18+ to read/buy this 2 in 1 box set.

If you are looking for the Serendipity Series, please check out: Twelve Miles, Twelve Weeks and Twelve Nights (Books 1-3).