Only You Part 1: Courage

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When nurse Evelyn Connor begins working at one of the most renowned hospitals in Los Angeles, she doesn’t expect the whirlwind that her life is about to become!

After working with a doctor to save a woman’s life, she becomes intrigued by the man’s calm demeanor and good looks, and finds out from some fellow nurses that his name is Alexander Wyatt. And that evening, at a mixer, she finally gets to talk to him one-on-one. And finds out that he’s gay.

But this doesn’t stop the two from forming a close friendship. Fast forward eight years, and Alex and Evelyn are as close as two people can be (at least, two friends).

But all that stands to change when Alex and Evelyn decide to take a trip to Miami. A magical trip that will not only change them, but the very dynamic of their relationship.

Will their friendship be able to survive? Or will they come out as more than mere friends? Find out in Victoria Hillday’s “Only You Part 1 - Courage”, the first installment in a beautiful and diverting romance series.