Hot Book Find's professional team of authors and editors are ready to read and give a full honest review of your newest work.

We offer book reviews in either 2 weeks or 4. Once the book has been read, the author will write up a blog post all about your book and their honest review.

Hot Book Finds will then promote the post to its newsletter subscribers and social media followers.

These are not Amazon reviews. But they do make excellent editorial reviews for your Amazon page.

To purchase, fill out the form below and submit. We'll send you a PayPal invoice, and as soon as it is paid, we'll contact you for your manuscript! If your book isn't live yet, no problem, we won't release the post until the book goes live!

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4 Week- $60

2 Week- $125

All books over 80k will incur an extra fee of $5 per 10k words

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