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We promote authors on Wednesdays and Fridays. Fridays are reserved for Free Books Only. Wednesdays we accept books that are Free-3.99 a piece, though books priced at Free and .99 do the best.

Currently, we offer only one type of promotion for $20.00 billed to the author through a Paypal Business Invoice from email "" However, all correspondence for this page will come from so make sure you bookmark it. Here are our rules for promotions:

-Your book must not be erotica or have any graphic nudity on the cover.
-Your book must be free of errors.
-Your book must be FICTION. We are not currently accepting non-fiction.
-Your book must be the price notated below the week of the promotion or it will be taken down.

We will send your book out in our newsletter as well as the owner's personal author subscriber list on either Wednesday or Friday depending on selections below. All books will be placed on the website from Wednesday to Wednesday. If you are interested in us using your permafree book to give out to our subscribers to get more visibility for your series, please use the contact form on the site, instead of this page.

If you have any questions please use the contact section or leave a comment on this form. There are no refunds, sorry, that is far too hard to keep track of. You do need to let us know if anything changes 24 hours before the promotion.

We suggest all Authors booking with us, also sign up for the newsletter in order to see your promotion.

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